Comments from our User Community

Susan Sherman, McMath MS - TX

Each time I have contacted PT Avenue for help, I encounter kindness, understanding and knowledge without exception!! I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the time and effort put in to help our PTA.

Jenny Rizek, President, Kay Franklin Elementary - TX

PT Avenue is amazing – not just because it’s a great program, but also because of great customer service!

Yesenia Manzur, Creekside Park Elementary - Alaska

We are loving the program and are glad we found a cloud-based system that works for us!

Leigh Saxon, Woodgate Intermediate School - TX

I have been a PTA treasurer at two different schools for the past 4 years. PTAvenue is WONDERFUL! Not only does it handle ALL of our financial and membership needs, but the support and technical assistance is amazing. Seriously, I was blown away by the ability to chat with someone immediately on-line -- and if they were unable to fix my problem or handle my question, someone else called me back the same day and completely resolved my issue. It is a GREAT product supported by top-notch staff. I would HIGHLY recommend it.

Angelique Burnside, President, Cardiff Jr. High - TX

Our 7th grade social was planned using PT Avenue, and now our teachers are sold on it. I will be the President this year - this also is great for storing all PTA files. No more losing files or chasing them down.because a parent does not pass it down!

Roby Hames, Treasurer, White Bluff Elementary - GA

We are very glad we found your system. We have been using the program for everything and find it is truly amazing and easy to use.

Kim English, Secretary, Imagine South Vero PTA - FL

The PT Avenue system has been such a blessing, just in the short time we have been using it!

Kara Darrell, Treasurer, Imagine South Vero PTA - FL

The financial area of the PT Avenue program just makes complete sense for those of us who are not CPA's or accountants!! Thank you!!!

Diana Decker, Treasurer, J. L. Boren PTA - Florida

Our audit team mainly used the financial reports I printed from PT Avenue -- and one said it was the easiest audit she had EVER DONE, and she has done 3 PTA audits!!!

Tanya M. Graham, PTA President, Arabia Mountain High School PTSA  - GA

Your customer service is EXCEPTIONAL!!

Jennifer Brock, Salk Elementary PTA - OK

You have the best customer service! We've loved using the PT Avenue program this year. We used it for our directory, sending out emails, tracking PTA memberships, and managing the finances.

Diana Pruitt, Summerfield Crossing PTA - FL

The Board did not utilize your program last year with the exception of inputting data, but this year I want to get the most out of it and make my life easier. I'm convinced this is the company and product we want to go with... Your customer service did it for me! You rock!

Colleen Colmenares, Creech Elementary - TX

PT Avenue is working great for our needs. I have really enjoyed using it, and you are always quick to address any questions or tech support requests. I appreciate that.

Pam Smelley, Whitcomb Elementary - TX

We've had PT Avenue for two years now, and we love it! It's very user friendly for board members, and our parents enjoy using it as well. The tech support is great, and we look forward to continuing use of the product. It has helped tremendously with our Volunteer and Membership databases and parent communication!

Sherri Cross, Harrington Elementary - Texas

Thanks for your help and we have absolutely loved PT Avenue this year...thank you so much for this fabulous product.

Carolyn Vincent, MLK Jr. Middle School PTO - MD

I have used other PTA/PTO/PTSA products and find PT Avenue to be just as good with even more flexibility!

Lucy Mark, Isbell Elementary PTA - TX

I want to say how much we are enjoying using PT Avenue, and that it is making a world of difference in how we communicate with and schedule our volunteers. Thanks for making a great product!

Betsy D'Jamoos, Spring Creek Elementary PTO - FL

One of the primary goals of this year's board is to recruit more members. We just had our first event of the year and our efforts were rewarded - we sold more than twice the number of pizzas this year. Using the website to recruit and coordinate the volunteers was very helpful.

Crystal Koch, Watergrass Elementary - FL

We just had our Fall Festival and PT Avenue was great for signing up volunteers! Our Board absolutely loves it! And it's great for emailing our members!

Melissa Wright, Carpenter Middle School PTA - TX

It is definitely one of those things where the more you look around in it, the more you see all the things it does.

Leatra Aranda, Silver Mesa Elementary PTA - UT

Wow! Thanks so much for getting back to me so quickly! We are very new to this sort of system and appreciate all of your help!