What Does PT Avenue Cost?

(And is it worth it?)

$199/year (or less)

with no hidden costs
    • Membership Data Only

      only for state PTA adoption

    • Basic Membership
    • Group by Family
    • Global Update Screens
    • Email Members
    • Board Calendar
    • Contact your state PTA office!
    • Membership & Financials


    • Basic Membership
    • Group by Family
    • Global Update Screens
    • Email Members
    • Create Financial, Membership or All-Access Helpers
    • Board Calendar
    • Comprehensive Financial Package
    • Budgets, Reports, Transactions, 990s
    • Full Version


    • Advanced Membership Functions
    • Member Self-Registration
    • Skill/Interest Tracking
    • Volunteer Sign-Ups
    • Volunteer Skill Tracking
    • Volunteer Hour Entry
    • Public Members Portal
    • Free Text Messaging
    • Document Storage
    • Advanced Email Filtering
    • Online Web-Store
    • Quick Membership Directories
    • Resource Management
    • ...and lots more!


  • FULL VERSION: Includes everything! $199/year
  • MEMBERSHIP & FINANCES VERSION: Includes financial package, basic membership tracking, reporting, and emailing. $90/year
  • MEMBERSHIP DATA ONLY: Includes basic membership management for state-wide PTA adoptions. Contact your state PTA office for more information!
  • Upgrade at any time!

We accept purchase orders, and will gladly bill you when you request it. The trial evaluation period is 60 days, at no charge, with no billing or obligation. If you do not contact us to continue things beyond that, the account will expire and you will not be billed. When you purchase an Annual Subscription after evaluating the product, please note that your one-year subscription period will officially start as of date when you first signed up for the trial account, and your renewal date will be set one year ahead accordingly. We do this simply because you have 100% full access to all features of the PT Avenue system from Day One of your initial trial registration - so get in there and use it as the real thing during your Trial Period! If you do not contact us to continue, the account will expire automatically and you will not be billed. Included in the cost are all upgrades and email and ticket technical support. We are also glad to help you with quick phone calls.

Paid us and still don't like it? Let us know within 30 days of payment and we'll refund your purchase price!

The only additional charges would be for extended telephone tech support and training.

The cost of PT Avenue is far less than paying for individual software or services. PT Avenue does it all in one package - with unlimited users!


We actually answer the phones in our office! However, most questions and issues are best addressed through our support ticket system. That way you and we have a consolidated record of all the activity to solve your issue. Some issues, especially financial questions, are better addressed with a quick call, and we never charge for that. However, if you need an extended telephone session, we might need to charge.


Our office is located in Garland, TX and you are welcome to come visit us and schedule a training in our state of the art training facility.

Or, through the miracle of GoToMeeting, we can schedule a live webinar type training session for up to 15 board members at one time. Attendees do not have to be in the same location - they can join the conference from any computer anywhere! Web training costs $100 for a two-hour session, $50 each additional hour.

Live, in person training at your location, can also be arranged through our office, but that's very expensive.