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NEWS from the PT Avenue Community


We are pleased to announce that you can now send free phone messages through PT Avenue! Record a message and blast it to your membership! (only available in the Full Account Version)

New Direct Link for volunteer hour entry

If you go to the Profile tab > Profile then scroll to the bottom of the page where you activate Member Volunteer Hour Entry, you will see a new direct link for the volunteer hour entry. You can place this on your schools website so the volunteers can log their own hours.

Move to 2016-17 with the EOY process

It's October -- have you done the End of Year process in your account yet? This process resets all Paid members to Unpaid, advances your Board positions, archives financials, and generally resets your account for a clean start to the new school year. If your account still shows "2015-2016," contact your Head Administrator on the account, and encourage them to do the EOY! There are complete videos and help files to explain the process.

New End of Year process, starting May 16th

We have revamped the End of Year process. It is now a "menu" type format, where you can choose which areas to work in, and no changes are actually made until you click a final "process all steps" button. Help documents are available, and videos will follow later in the week. An email went out to all Head Admins about the change, with an instructional document attached.

New Budget INC/EXP comparison report

There is a new link in the FINANCES > REPORTS area, called "Budget Inc/Exp Comparison" -- this report looks for similarly-named budget Income and Expense categories, and does a single-line summary of YTD totals. This shows you whether you're positive or negative on your budget category spending (and budgteting). If your budget categories aren't named the same between Income and Expense, you have the ability to edit the category names in the main Budget screen, by clicking the "pencil" edit icon to the right of each category line. This report does not look at Off-Budget categories -- only Income vs. Expense.