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An Exciting Announcement from PT Avenue

This is a big day for PT Avenue. Today, Connexeo, the parent company of PT Avenue, is merging with Vanco Payment Solutions. Vanco Payment Solutions is a leader in electronic payments and donation processing in the education, nonprofit and faith-based market. Our combined company is called Vanco. Read the whole story here:

MOVE PRIMARY is in place

The ability to move a single Primary Contact to another Primary Contact is in place! Go to the Primary you want to move (it has to be someone with no relations under their listing), and click the "box/arrow" icon next to their name. You will see the list of other Primary members -- click the one you want to move them under, and hit OK in the Popup confirmation box. That's it!

Head Admin contact info now available to all other Helper logins

We have been contacted many times by new PTA officers who do not know who the current Head Admin is on their PT Avenue account. We have put a notice on the post-login screen that now shows that Head Admin contact information to any non-HeadAdmin helper login.


We are pleased to announce that you can now send free phone messages through PT Avenue! Record a message and blast it to your membership! (only available in the Full Account Version)