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Unlock the hidden potential of your Parent-Teacher organization with PT Avenue! PT Avenue provides school organizations such as PTAs and PTSAs with user-friendly tools to help make the most of your time and resources. Everyone in your organization moves in the same direction with powerful web-based communication, financial, organizational and membership applications.


Imagine connecting with volunteers, scheduling meetings, managing budgets and organizing your membership from any computer anywhere at any time. It's not a dream with PT Avenue!

PT Avenue provides school organizations such as PTAs, PTOs, PTSAs, etc. with user-friendly tools to help make the most of your time and resources. It's ready to work whenever and wherever you are. From any computer or mobile device with Internet access (PC or Mac), you can log on to our secure online system.


PT Avenue is proud to be chosen as the preferred software provider for the Texas PTA for Membership Tracking and Financial Management



 Online Directory feature is now available!
 The Online Directory feature is now available in your PT Avenue account. Your membership accesses this Online Directory by clicking an "Online Directory" button, then they are asked to log in with the email and password that exists in their Member-area profile -- and if they do not know or forget their password, then can request a temporary password to be emailed to them. This is the same email they use to edit/update their personal household contact information. Note that new buttons have been put into place on the Member-side screen, separating the "My Household", "New Registration", and "Online Directory" features. DON'T PANIC! Your Membership does NOT currently have access to your Online Directory information - YOU must change the settings, when you're ready. YOU (Admins/Helpers) have access control and display control over this Directory, through the PROFILE > PROFILE administrative screen, in the area of Member Controls. You can: 1) Choose whether or not to show the Online Directory button to your membership; 2) Control whether the Online Directory is shown to EVERYONE in your Members area, or just to PAID members ("Count as Paid Member?" set to YES); 3) Control whether EVERYONE in your Members area is displayed in the listing, or just PAID members ("Count as Paid Member?" set to YES). The Online Directory is a simple member-side alphabetical listing of people in your MEMBERS area, that shows Name, Member Type, Relation or Grade&Teacher, Address, City, and Phones. Clicking on any name in the list brings up a box showing everyone associated with the PRIMARY contact for that household/family, whether Paid or Unpaid. The column headers are clickable to sort by that column, and there is also a "Search" box for looking for a particular word or name. The listing will show 100/250/500/1000, or "All" names per screen. We trust you and your membership will find this new feature to be a valuable addition to your PT Avenue account! Remember, YOU control whether the Online Directory is shown to your membership, or not.

 New Directory Export feature - one line per family
 We've added a button to export Member information in a "one line per family" mode -- this creates a .csv file where the PRIMARY member is listed first, then all other family members and info are continued out to the right -- other "Related" adults first, then "Students". Note that any Students that are in the account as PRIMARY will be on their own line.... so you may want to consider re-entering Students as just "Student" under a Primary household/family adult.


 Our 7th grade social was planned using PT Avenue, and now our teachers are sold on it. I will be the President this year - this also is great for storing all PTA files. No more losing files or chasing them down.because a parent does not pass it down!
 Angelique Burnside, President, TX

 We are very glad we found your system. We have been using the program for everything and find it is truly amazing and easy to use.
 Roby Hames, Treasurer, GA